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Make Referrals, Get Discounts is the easiest way to get your customers to do your marketing for you. MRGD is an incentive-based referral program that rewards your customers for referring friends that place orders. Here's how it works:

  1. Your customer (or anyone with an account on your website) sends discounts to people they know via an easy-to-use form on your site.

  2. The recipient of the discount places an order using their unique discount code.

  3. For each order placed, the sender receives an email with his own discount code.

The MRGD form will auto-fill the sender's name and email address as it appears in their account information on your site. MRGD Includes extensive admin options and full reporting, making it a necessary addition to any OpenCart-powered website.

Let's go through the admin options (see screenshot):

  • Status: Enable or disable the extension.

  • Module Text: Header text for the form on your site.

  • Module Subheader: Subheader text for the form on your site.

  • Number of Simultaneous Referrals That Can Be Sent: Form will allow sending to either one, two, or three people at once.

  • Number of Referrals That Can Be Sent Per User Per Year: Set to any number you wish, added to prevent abuse.

  • Generate Discount for Sender: Choose whether the sender receives a discount or not. If set to "Yes," the sender will receive an email with a discount code after the recipient makes a qualifying purchase. If set to "No," an email is not sent to the sender.

  • Discount Amount: Discount you'd like to offer, either as a percentage or a fixed amount. Option can be set for sender and recipient independently.

  • Discount Expires: You can set a time limit for the discounts, in days, weeks, or months, or none at all. Option can be set for sender and recipient independently.

  • Minimum Purchase Before Discount Is Applied: Pre-tax and shipping total that must be reached before discount is available for use. Option can be set for sender and recipient independently.

  • Recipient Email Subject: Subject text for the email recipients receive.

  • Recipient Email Body Text: Body text for the email recipients receive. No character limit, variables available for use are: {$recipient_name}, {$sender_name}, {$sender_email}, {$optional_text}, and {$coupon_code}

  • Sender Email Subject: Same as Recipient Email Subject, but for the email a sender receives when an order is placed using a discount code he sent.

  • Sender Email Body Text: Same as Recipient Email Body Text but for the email a sender receives when an order is placed using a discount code he sent.

How the reports work (see screenshot):

MRGD report entries for the sender and the recipient are generated as soon as a referral is sent. Fields shown are:

  • Customer Name

  • Email

  • Referrer Type (Sender, or Recipient)

  • Discount Code (Unique code generated for sender and recipient)

  • Discount Code Added Date

  • Discount Amount

  • Start Date

  • End Date (if Discount Expires is set, or discount was used)

  • Status (Inactive if discount was used or expired)

  • Order ID (for the order that the discount was used for)

Discount code, Discount Type, Discount Amount, Minimum Total, Date Start, Date End, and Status are all editable for each entry.

The MRGD form is completely customizable to match the look and feel of your website.

The MRGD download contains step-by-step instructions for easy install. MRGD uses vQmod, and requires no core changes to your OpenCart installation.

Extension tested with stock OpenCart theme. If you have questions about whether it will work with a non-stock theme, or if it isn't exactly what you're looking for, we may be able to customize the extension to fit your specific needs. Please email us your ideas: opencart [AT] hostcompanion [DOT] com.

Make Referrals, Get Discounts generates discount codes for the sender (if enabled) and the recipient as soon as the referral form is submitted. The recipient's code is marked as "active" and is ready for use. The sender's code is marked as "inactive" and will become active as soon as the recipient places an order using the code. To prevent abuse of this system, users are required to be logged in to your site to view the referral form. Because of this, the form cannot be displayed on your home page or any other page you'd like to be visible to non-logged-in users.

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